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June 16, 2018


Bulk Chocolate

These drops are available in Milk, SemiSweet, or BitterSweet chocolate. We also have two kinds of white coating, often called "White Chocolate", with or without cocoa butter. The White Icecap is a vanilla flavored white confectioner's coating without cocoa butter. The White SnowCap has cocoa butter which gives it a rich flavor with a chocolate aftertaste.

The Milk drops come plain and mint flavored. The SemiSweet drops come plain, mint, and orange flavored.The BitterSweet, White IceCap, and White SnowCap do not come in any flavors.

And for those of you who like your chocolate really dark, we make a special blend of 75% bittersweet and 25% unsweetened that we call "75B". And if that still sounds too sweet, our 50/50 Extra Dark is our special blend of 50% bittersweet and 50% unsweetened. But beware, the 50/50 is almost unsweetened.

All of these chocolates are of the highest quality and excellent for any of your favorite chocolate recipes!